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Essential Oil Craze

I have been into essential oils for years...doTerra oils to be exact...ever since I realized that they are derived from plants and herbs and have 50-70 times the power of the plant itself due to being highly concentrated. As a former raw vegan and strong advocate for natural remedies, using essential oils and products that contained them was a no brainer. So I started using them in my daily life: to combat headaches, PMS symptoms, stress, and for cleaning my house. I even started using the peppermint and wild orange oils in my organic chocolates!

However, this happened at an extremely busy time in my life and I didn't stick to it. It wasn't about the takes no more time to use a few drops of oil as it takes to pop was more about the time it would take to really delve into the literature and learn about their benefits in order to use them in my life in an educated and consistent way. And, when I fall in love with a product, I tend to preach to the masses about it, so I wanted to learn enough that I could preach with conviction! This year, I have finally made it a priority to learn more about these plant powerhouses and am now recommending the oils and oil-infused products to interested clients in my coaching practice for natural remedies, cleaning, cooking, and body care.

Stay tuned for more blogs about specific doTerra oils and products! I'm so excited to start sharing <3

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